Evolution Wine Wall 15 3C Extension Kit 9 to 27 bottles

Single Depth – 9 Bottle
Width: Adds 39 1/2″ Height: 15″ Depth: 4-1/4″

Double Depth – 18 Bottles
Width: Adds 39 1/2″ Height: 15″ Depth: 8-1/4″ 

Trible Depth – 27 Bottles
Width: 14-5/8″ Height: 15″ Depth: 12-1/4″ 


Expand your Evolution Wine Rack Wall Mount with ease, building your wine cellar capacity to the side in a modular fashion. The Evolution Wine Rack Wall Mount 5″ Extension Kit includes an additional steel wall-mounting strip and the steel Wine Rods needed to extend Wine Wall 15″ columns to the left or right.

The Evolution Wine Wall Extension kit is the perfect solution for wine enthusiasts looking to expand their wine storage capacity. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this extension kit seamlessly integrates with the Evolution Wine Wall Racks system, providing a sleek and stylish extension to your existing wine display. With its modular design, adding more bottles to your collection is a breeze. And you can create an extended wine wall that can perfectly fit your space. Crafted from high-quality materials, the extension kit ensures the safety and preservation of your valuable wines while adding a touch of sophistication to your wine storage area. Elevate your wine collection with the Evolution Wine Wall Extension kit and transform your space into a wine enthusiast’s paradise.



In The Box

Comes complete one (1) steel mounting bracket, Wine Rods in choice of finish, and hardware for drywall and wood wall installations. ADDITIONAL PURCHASE REQUIRED: Designed to assemble to a Base Unit.

Customize By Modularity

With five (5) standard heights and three (3) bottle depths, custom results come as easy as working with our in-house CAD team.

Sleek Finish

Built with high-quality steel, backed by a lifetime warranty, and offered with choice of matte black, matte black/chrome, or matte black/golden bronze finishes.


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Install Instructions Spec sheets:
9 Bottle (Single Deep)
18 Bottles (Double Deep)
27 Bottles (Triple Deep)


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Matte Black Frames/Matte Black Rods, Matte Black Frames/Chrome Rods, Matte Black Frames/Golden Bronze Rods

Bottle Capacity/Depth

9 Bottles/Single Deep, 18 Bottles/Double Deep, 27 Bottles/Triple Deep