Wine Zone Split Air Handler Systems

WineZone Ducted Cooling Units are ideal for L–shaped, long and narrow rooms. Or for any space where one point source of air won‘t properly circulate. These cooling units are also perfect for cellar storage. Or maturing wine for extended periods of time. With WineZone Ducted Cooling Units, no visible mechanical equipment is needed in the wine cellar. As supply and return air is ducted into the room in a similar fashion to a central air conditioner. This leaves more wall space for racking and artwork.

If the room is already complete, ducting can be placed in the soffits. This type of refrigeration system is the quietest and provides accurate and fast–acting thermostat controls. Additionally, a humidification and dehumidification air handler system allows for total climate control in the wine cellar. The ducted unit can be used with either an indoor or outdoor remote condensing unit. Which moves the heat and noise away from the cellar. Decorative wooden and metal registers are also available. However, installation and adjustment of the unit must be done by a qualified HVAC technician.

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Wine Zone offers a comprehensive range of cooling units, each designed to fit different cellar sizes and layouts. The company’s products are manufactured with high-quality materials and advanced technology, making them durable and efficient. WineZone Ducted Systems are also flexible and easy to install, allowing wine enthusiasts to create the perfect environment for their collections quickly.

One of the key features of  Wine Zone cooling units is their ability to maintain a stable temperature and humidity level. Wine requires specific temperatures to age properly, and any fluctuations can have a detrimental effect on the wine’s taste and quality. Wine Zone cooling units ensure that the temperature in the cellar stays constant, with precision control of 1/10 of a degree. This means that wine collectors can store their collections with confidence, knowing that the temperature is always at the ideal humidity levels.