WhisperKOOL Wine Cooling Systems

Whisperkool wine cooling units provide precise and consistent temperature control, ensuring your wine cellar maintains the ideal storage conditions. As the name suggests, these cooling units operate quietly, allowing you to enjoy your wine cellar without disruptive noise. Whisperkool offers both ducted and self-contained units to accommodate various cellar layouts and configurations. Designed for energy efficiency, the cooling units help you save on energy costs while protecting your valuable wine collection. These cooling units are known for their ease of installation, making them a convenient choice for both residential and commercial wine storage. Whisperkool incorporates innovative technology to enhance performance and reliability, ensuring your wines age gracefully. We are  a trusted and reputable brand in the wine cooling industry, known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, providing peace of mind for wine enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Self Contained

  • DIY Installation
  • Advanced digital controller
  • From $2916.00

Platinum Wall Mount

  • Condensing unit can be placed outdoors
  • 24V thermostat options
  • From $5494.00

Ducted Split

  • Efficient quiet operation
  • 2-speed fan switch to adjust BTU/h capacity
  • From $7153.00

Ceiling Mount

  • Hex mesh grille with air filter
  • Maximize racking.
  • From $6719.00


  • Can be Ducted up to 25 Feet Away From Cellar
  • Multiple Ducting Options
  • From $5691.00

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​Flexible Wine Cooling Units

All split systems come with a 2-year limited product warranty. This warranty begins on the date of purchase, but it becomes active only after the submission and approval of a Product Warranty Checklist by WhisperKOOL.

Self-contained cooling systems have a 2-year limited product and a 5-year compressor warranty starting on the date of purchase.

  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Will Maintain Relative Humidity
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Ducted and Self-Contained Options
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Easy Installation
  • Innovative Technology
  • Trusted Brand
Frequently Asked Questions
Certainly, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Whisperkool wine cooling units:
A Whisperkool wine cooling unit is a specialized climate control system designed to maintain the ideal temperature and relative humidity for wine storage in a cellar or wine room.
Wine cooling units are essential for preserving the quality and aging potential of your wines. They prevent temperature fluctuations and maintain the relative humidity in a wine cellar.
Whisperkool offers both self-contained, split system, and fully ducted units to accommodate different wine cellar configurations and sizes.
Yes, Whisperkool units are known for their ease of installation. They come with clear installation instructions, and many models do not need to be installed by a qualified HVAC technician.
Whisperkool units are designed to operate quietly, ensuring minimal disruption to your wine cellar environment.
Whisperkool units can control temperature. They do not control humidity levels. The units will maintain relative humidity in a wine cellar. In case you need to add humididty a water fountain or a stand-alone humidification system will be needed to ensure precise conditions for wine storage.
Yes, Whisperkool units are engineered for energy efficiency, helping you save on energy costs while maintaining optimal wine storage conditions.
Yes, Whisperkool units are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, making them versatile choices for wine enthusiasts and professional establishments.
Yes, Whisperkool offers warranties on their units, with the specific terms and coverage varying by model. Be sure to check the warranty details when purchasing.
It’s important to consider factors such as the size of your wine cellar, the number of bottles you’re storing, and the cellar’s insulation. Consulting with a Whisperkool dealer or a wine storage professional can help you make the right choice.
The WhisperKool Wine Cooling Systems are high-quality, reliable cooling systems. Designed to regulate the temperature and humidity of wine cellars. Wine cooling units are ideal for both residential and commercial wine cellars. Providing consistent temperature control. Ensure that wine is stored at the optimal temperature for aging and preservation.

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