WineZone Replacement Parts

Due to the discontinuation of WineZone Cooling Systems. We have a limited supply of WineZone Replacement Parts available.

Unfortunately, no R22 condensers are available for WineZone cooling units. So we will need to do a heat load calculation to determine the replacement system that uses R134a.  R22 evaporators are available.  Condensers, evaporators and individual WineZone replacement parts are available for R134a cooling units.

Please contact us for verification of the Serial and Model number of your Wine Zone Cooling unit to ensure a match with WineZone Replacement Parts

R134a Ductless Split Replacement parts

SKU                                              DescriptionPriceShipping
WRRDS2400a-COMPRESSORWineZone 2400a Spare Compressor$949.95$95.00
WRRDS2400a-FAN CONTROLWineZone 2400a Spare Fan Control$533.10$25.00
WRRDS2400a-OC CONDENSERWineZone 2400a Replacement Ductless Split Condensing unit$5,771.63$465.00
WRRDS2400a-REP EVAPWineZone 2400a Spare Ductless Split Evaporator$1,725.00$60.00
WRRDS2400a-TXVWineZone 2400a Thermostatic Expansion Valve$285.53$25.00
WRRDS4400a-COMPRESSORWineZone 4400a Spare Compressor$2,067.35$100.00
WRRDS4400a-FAN CONTROLWineZone 2400a Spare Fan Control$533.10$25.00
WRRDS4400a-OC CONDENSERWineZone 4400a Replacement Ductless Split Condensing unit$5,295.10$465.00
WRRDS4400a-REP EVAPWineZone 4400a Replacement Ductless Split Evaporator$2,150.00$65.00
WRRDS4400a-TXVWineZone 4400a Thermostatic Expansion Valve$512.90$25.00
WRRDS6000a-COMPRESSORWineZone 6000a Spare Compressor$2,353.23$100.00
WRRDS6000a-FAN CONTROLWineZone 6000a Spare Fan Control$533.10$25.00
WRRDS6000a-OC CONDENSERWineZone 6000a Replacement Ductless Split Condensing unit$5,415.38$465.00
WRRDS6000a-REP EVAPWineZone 6000aReplacement Ductless Split Evaporator$2,375.00$65.00
WRRDS6000a-TXVWineZone 6000a Thermostatic Expansion Valve$541.75$25.00
WRRDS-THERMOSTATWineZone Thermostat$122.00$25.00

R134a Air Handler Replacement Parts

WRRAH4800a-COIL VEWineZone 4800a Spare Vertical AH Coil$3,995.00$85.00
WRRAH4800a-COMPRESSORWineZone 4800a Spare Compressor$2,067.35$100.00
WRRAH4800a-OC CONDENSERWineZone 4800a Replacement Split Air Handler Condensing Unit$6,397.35$410.00
WRRAH4800a-REP VERTWineZone 4800a Replacement Vertical Air Handler$6,620.00$410.00
WRRAH4800a-TXVWineZone 4800a Thermostatic Expansion Valve$546.60$25.00
WZAH4800a-COIL HEWineZone 4800a Spare Horizontal AH Coil$4,040.00$85.00
WZAH4800a-REP HORIZWineZone 4800a Replacement Horizontal Air Handler$7,350.00$410.00
WRRAH6200a-REP COILWineZone 6200a Spare Evaporator Coil$3,540.00$125.00
WRRAH6200a-COMPRESSORWineZone 6200a Spare Compressor$2,412.95$100.00
WRRAH6200a-FAN CONTROLWineZone 6200a Spare Fan Control$533.10$25.00
WRRAH6200a-FAN MOTORWineZone 6200a Spare Fan Motor$1,097.10$65.00
WRRAH6200a-OC CONDENSERWineZone 6200a Replacement Split Air Handler Condensing Unit$6,514.75$465.00
WRRAH6200a-REP AHWineZone 6200a Spare Air Handler$5,010.00$500.00
WRRAH6200a-TXVWineZone 6200a Thermostatic Expansion Valve$541.75$25.00
WRRAH9000a-REP COILWineZone 9000a Spare Evaporator Coil$3,995.00$125.00
WRRAH9000a-COMPRESSORWineZone 9000a Spare Compressor$2,412.95$105.00
WRRAH9000a-FAN CONTROLWineZone 9000a Spare Fan Control$533.10$25.00
WRRAH9000a-FAN MOTORWineZone 9000a Spare Fan Motor$1,097.10$65.00
WRRAH9000a-OC CONDENSERWineZone 9000a Replacement Split Air Handler Condensing Unit$8,721.43$465.00
WRRAH9000a-REP AHWineZone 9000a Air Handler$5,350.00$540.00
WRRAH9000a-TXVWineZone 9000a Thermostatic Expansion Valve$541.75$25.00

R22 Ductless Split Replacement Parts

SKUDescription  Price Shipping
WRRDS2300-COMPRESSORWineZone 2300 Spare Compressor$980.25$95.00
WRRDS2300-FAN CONTROLWineZone 2300 Spare Fan Control$533.10$25.00
WRRDS2300-REP EVAPWineZone 2300 Replacement Ductless Split Evaporator$1,775.00$60.00
WRRDS2300-TXVWineZone 2300 Thermostatic Expansion Valve$320.18$25.00
WRRDS2800-COMPRESSORWineZone 2800 Spare Compressor$2,530.68$100.00
WRRDS3800-COMPRESSORWineZone 3800 Spare Compressor$2,550.88$100.00
WRRDS3800-REP EVAPWineZone 3800 Replacement Ductless Split Evaporator$2,225.00$65.00
WRRDS3800-TXVWineZone 3800 Thermostatic Expansion Valve$571.60$25.00
WRRDS4500-COMPRESSORWineZone 4500 Spare Compressor$1,475.55$100.00
WRRDS4500-FAN CONTROLWineZone 4500 Spare Fan Control$533.10$25.00
WRRDS4500-REP EVAPWineZone 4500 Replacement Ductless Split Evaporator$2,050.00$65.00
WRRDS4500-TXVWineZone 4500 Thermostatic Expansion Valve$571.60$25.00
WRRDS5700-COMPRESSORWineZone 5700 Spare Compressor$2,810.40$100.00
WRRDS5700-REP EVAPWineZone 5700 Replacement Ductless Split Evaporator$2,275.00$65.00
WRRDS5700-TXVWineZone 5700 Thermostatic Expansion Valve$459.65$25.00
WRRDS6800-COMPRESSORWineZone 6800 Spare Compressor$2,390.13$100.00
WRRDS6800-FAN CONTROLWineZone 6800 Spare Fan Control$533.10$25.00
WRRDS6800-REP EVAPWineZone 6800 Replacement Ductless Split Evaporator$2,275.00$65.00
WRRDS6800-TXVWineZone 6800 Thermostatic Expansion Valve$459.90$25.00
WRRDS9100-COMPRESSORWineZone 9100 Spare Compressor$2,221.33$105.00
WRRDS9100-TXVWineZone 9100 Thermostatic Expansion Valve$459.90$25.00

R22 Air Handler Parts

SKU Description Price          Shipping
WRRAH4600-COIL HE WineZone 4600 Spare Horizontal AH Coil
$4,040.00 $85.00
WRRAH4600-COIL VE WineZone 4600 Spare Vertical AH Coil
$3,995.00 $85.00
WRRAH4600-COMPRESSOR WineZone 4600 Spare Compressor
$2,810.40 $100.00
WRRAH5800-COIL HE WineZone 5800 Spare Horizontal AH Coil
$3,851.94 $85.00
WRRAH5800-COIL VE WineZone 5800 Spare Vertical AH Coil
$5,733.36 $85.00
WRRAH5800-COMPRESSOR WineZone 5800 Spare Compressor
$2,810.40 $100.00
WRRAH8300-COIL HE WineZone 8300 Spare Horizontal AH Coil
$4,121.16 $85.00
WRRAH8300-COIL VE WineZone 8300 Spare Vertical AH Coil
$4,529.71 $85.00
WRRAH8300-COMPRESSOR WineZone 8300 Spare Compressor
$3,457.23 $105.00
WRRAH9500-COIL HE WineZone 9500 Spare Horizontal AH Coil
$4,140.16 $105.00
WRRAH9500-COIL VE WineZone 9500 Spare Vertical AH Coil
$4,957.13 $105.00
WRRAH9500-COMPRESSOR WineZone 9500 Spare Compressor
$2,286.13 $105.00

Wine Zone cooling systems are available in different models to suit different cellar sizes and layouts. The ducted systems are designed for larger cellars and rooms.  Where the cooling unit is installed outside the cellar, and the cooled air is ducted into the room. The ducted systems are available in two models, the Wine Zone 6200a and the Wine Zone 9000a Ducted Split Systems. Both models are energy-efficient, quiet, and easy to install.

Wine Zone offers a comprehensive range of cooling units, each designed to fit different cellar sizes and layouts. The company’s products are manufactured with high-quality materials and advanced technology, making them durable and efficient. Wine Zone’s systems are also flexible and easy to install, allowing wine enthusiasts to create the perfect environment for their collections quickly.

The state of the art Wine Zone Cooling units are an excellent option to consider for your wine collection. It allows you to store your wine in the proper environment, without the need for outside ventilation. Ensuring that your wine ages perfectly. They offer installation flexibility, convenience, and freedom, making them a popular choice among wine collectors. Browse our selection to find the best option to suit your lifestyle. And if you have any questions, please give us a call 800-323-3130.  Due to the discontinuation of WineZone Cooling Systems. We have a limited supply of WineZone Replacement Parts available.