CellarPro Houdini Cooling Systems

The CellarPro Houdini through-the-wall wine cooling units are made to save space in your wine cellar while delivering efficient cooling performance. These units offer precise temperature control within the recommended wine storage range of 55°F to 58°F (12.8°C – 14.4°C). Thus ensuring your wines age and mature properly. Designed for easy through-the-wall installation, the Houdini units are an excellent choice for wine cellars with limited space or where ducted systems are not feasible. The cooling units feature user-friendly digital controls and a digital display, allowing you to set and monitor temperature with ease. CellarPro’s Houdini series is made for quiet operation, providing a peaceful environment in your wine cellar and surrounding areas. Houdini through-the-wall units are built with quality components and materials, ensuring long-term reliability and performance in demanding wine storage environments.

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​Most Advanced Cooling Units
Wine Guardian manufactures highly adaptable systems designed to cater to a wide range of wine storage needs. Their top-tier through-wall, ducted, and split systems adhere to the most rigorous industry standards.
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Through-the-Wall Installation
  • User-Friendly Digital Controls
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Durable Construction
  • Exceptional Customer Support
Frequently Asked Questions
A CellarPro Houdini through-the-wall wine cooling unit is a refrigeration system made to regulate temperature and humidity in a wine cellar. It works by cooling the air inside the cellar, maintaining the ideal conditions for wine storage.
Through-the-wall installations are space-efficient and can be more cost-effective than ducted systems. They are particularly suitable for wine cellars with limited space or where ductwork is not practical.
The CellarPro Houdini series offers different models with varying cooling capacities, making it suitable for wine cellars of various sizes. It’s important to select the model that matches the dimensions and insulation of your specific wine cellar for optimal performance.
The CellarPro Houdini units have user-friendly digital controls and a digital display, allowing you to easily set and monitor both temperature and humidity levels to meet your wine storage needs.
No, these units have quiet operation, ensuring minimal noise in your wine cellar or the surrounding living space.
Yes, CellarPro Houdini units offer optional humidity control features, which are essential for maintaining the recommended humidity range of 60-70% necessary for proper wine aging and preservation.
While some individuals with experience may install these units themselves, professional installation is recommended to ensure proper setup, performance, and warranty coverage. Professional installers can also assist in determining the optimal placement within your wine cellar for efficient cooling.
Warranty coverage may vary by model, but CellarPro typically offers a warranty ranging from 2 to 5 years, providing peace of mind for your wine cellar cooling investment. Be sure to review the specific warranty details for your chosen model.

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