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We help make your dream a reality! If you’ve ever dreamed of a wine cellar in your home, you have come to the right place! At Cool Wine Cellar, We are committed to your full satisfaction.

Cool Wine Cellar offers the most innovative and the latest wine storage products in the industry. We specialize in the design and installation of wine racks for a range of clients from royalty, famous hotels and restaurants and individuals. Our designs are unique, creating an environment for storing wine that is both practical and distinctive.

On top of that, we have the strongest wine cooling knowledge and expertise and are constantly researching the latest trends and technologies to ensure we supply the most innovative solutions to wine storage. We understand how wine should be stored and displayed from lighting to climate control, ensuring that it doesn’t just look good but that it’s kept in excellent condition.

Our promise is to deliver you a cellar that is not only great for storage but can also become a real talking point of a memorable dining and entertaining experience. A cellar that enhances your enjoyment of wine, and that even increase the value of your home or property.

Closet Transformations

No matter how small of a space…  It can be transformed to a beautiful wine cellar.  Let our experts guide you.

Under the Stair


Elegant and efficient, Under the Stairs cellars make excellent use of this odd shaped area.  Call Us Today!

Wine Rack Kits


Gorgeous and economical.  Our wine rack kits have the look and feel of the most elaborate custom cellars.

Custom Glass Cellars


Contemporary and stylish.  Custom Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars set the standard in modern Design. Call to get started

Our service covers all aspects of wine storage and display including:

  • Design and concept
  • Detailed design preparation of plans
  • Recommendation and selection of storage components
  • Cellar conditioning
  • Finishing

Our world-class knowledgeable sales consultants are available to answer your inquiries and give you the best solution to your wine storage needs, just a phone call away!

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Cool Wine Cellar offers a comprehensive design and builds service for your wine cellar, which includes an accessible 2D cellar design. Our wood and metal wine rack systems provide affordable, flexible, and durable wine storage solutions for all bottle types. Start designing your cellar today.

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