Wine Cellar Conditioning

Wine storage began in the underground caves of Europe. These caves provided the consistent storing conditions that allowed wine to age at an elegant pace. By convention, these conditions have become the standard for modern wine cellars: The ideal wine cellar temperature range is 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity. Our wine cellar refrigeration systems maintain these ideal conditions, gracefully aging your wines, then keeping them at their peak for years to come.Nothing is more detrimental to your wine than extreme heat or cold

Wine breathes through the cork and ages in the process. Environmental changes (fluctuations in wine cellar temperature and humidity) accelerate the aging process. Excessive oxidation causes the wine to become bitter, as it would in a glass overnight. Wine requires oxidation to mature; but, it must be regulated to assure adverse conditions doWine Corks Breathe not affect the aging of your wine. The pace of breathing is faster at high temperatures and slower at low temperatures.

As the temperature rises, your bottle of wine expands; but, the wine expands seven times more than the glass bottle. This process creates pressure, which forces wine out of the bottle. When the bottle cools a vacuum forms, which sucks oxygen rich air into the bottle. Ullage is the oxygen free air within the bottle. Unregulated,wine cellar temperature fluctuations prematurely age and deteriorate your wine.


55-75humidity% is the ideal humidity range for stable wine aging. Humidity levels of 80% or higher will cause mold to form and rot the labels. Lower levels will draw wine out of the
bottle and be replaced with oxygen rich air.

The cool temperature and consistent humidity that our wine refrigeration systems maintain, keep your wines at their peak. These proper conditions will allow you to enjoy them for years to come.

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