Do you want to make a statement with your wine collection? Cable Wine Systems are the perfect option.

Cool Wine Cellars offers access to the highest quality cable wine racking. Thus allowing you to create a unique wine cellar with the illusion of floating bottles.

Using the Cable Wine System offers a modern and sophisticated take on wine storage. Making it stand out from traditional wine storage systems. Make the upgrade to Cable Wine Systems today!

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The Cool Wine Cellar offers cable wine racking. With complete stainless steel tension cables and solid brass clamps with brushed nickel or chrome finishes.

This design provides the illusion of bottles suspended in mid-air. Moreover presents a clear view of the bottle labels, and is easily accessible and organized.

Customers can also choose to customize their wine cellar. With features like angled bottle displays, accent lighting, and floating shelves.

The Cable Wine System is an ideal choice for your wine cellar, offering numerous benefits.

  • It offers excellent visibility of wine labels. Thus allowing you to position bottles. So the lower labels are facing up and the upper labels are facing down.
  • Easy location of bottles in any row or column is possible without having to disturb the system.
  • The cables and spacing of the bottles ensure a consistent wine storage temperature. With a continuous air flow on all sides.
  • This system accommodates a wider variety of bottle shapes and sizes than traditional racks.
  • The Cable Wine System reduces minor vibrations which can affect the quality of aged wine.

Add a modern design to your wine storage with a contemporary wine cellar. The horizontal clamps and upper and lower tension sets can be finished with a Chrome or Silver Pearl. Hence making your bottles look like they are floating in midair. Create a unique look with angled bottle displays, accent lighting, and floating shelves. (in the following image, Chrome is on the left, and Silver Pearl is on the right.)

Custom Craft

Design your Custom Cable Wine Cellar today with us. A cellar that enhances your enjoyment of wine, and that even increase the value of your home or property. Elevate your wine experience with Wine Cellar Designers today! Call us today at 800-323-3130

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