WhisperKOOL Self-Contained Cooling Units

Whisperkool self-contained cooling units provide accurate and consistent temperature control, ensuring your wine cellar maintains the perfect storage temperature. These units do not offer humidity control but they will maintain relative humidity inside your wine cellar. Whisperkool is renowned for its quiet operation, allowing you to enjoy your wine cellar without disruptive noise. Self-contained units are designed to be self-sufficient, requiring no external equipment or ductwork, simplifying installation. Whisperkool self-contained units are space-efficient and designed to fit discreetly within your wine cellar, maximizing storage space. Engineered for energy efficiency, these units help you reduce energy consumption while protecting your valuable wine collection. The self-contained design makes installation straightforward, and many models come with detailed installation instructions. Whisperkool is a trusted and reputable brand in the wine cooling industry, known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, providing peace of mind for wine enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Slimline LS

  • Through-the-wall installation
  • Can be mounted in unused space above a door
  • From $3,269.00

SC Pro Series

  • Liquid-temperature-measuring bottle probe
  • Advanced digital controller
  • From $2,916.00

Extreme Series

  • Reliable under the most extreme outdoor conditions
  • 3-Speed fan switch
  • From $4,885.00

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​Flexible Wine Cooling Units
Self-contained cooling systems have a 2-year limited product and a 5-year compressor warranty starting on the date of purchase.
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • All-in-One Solution
  • Compact Design
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Easy Installation
  • Trusted Brand
Frequently Asked Questions
Wine cooling unit is a specialized climate control system designed to maintain the ideal temperature and relative humidity for wine storage in a cellar or wine room.
Wine is a delicate beverage that can easily spoil if not stored under the right conditions. A cooling unit is essential to maintain a consistent temperature, typically between 55°F (13°C) to 58°F (14°C), which is considered optimal for wine storage.
These units use a compressor and evaporator system to cool the air inside your wine cellar.
Key factors to consider include the size of your wine cellar, insulation quality, ambient temperature around the wine cellar, location and room construction. Other factors are the noise level of the unit, ease of installation, power consumption, and additional features like remote control, digital temperature display, and alarms.
Cooling capacity is measured in British thermal units (BTUs) or in cubic feet per minute (CFM). To determine the right capacity, consider the insulation, room size, number of bottles, and the desired temperature range for your wine cellar. Please contact us for a free heatload calculation all of our consultants have over a decade of experience.
Yes! Self-contained units offer DIY installation options where you can install the unit yourself or with the help of a handyman. For split systems it is necessary to hire a professional HVAC technician to avoid potential damage to your wine cellar.
  • Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Units.
  • Split Systems Wine Cellar Cooling Units.
  • Fully Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Units.
To confirm the correct size unit for your wine cellar a Heatload calculation needs to be completed. Room dimensions are important but there are other factors at play as well. Room location, room construction, and the ambient temperature around the wine cellar are some of the things to consider when completing a Heatload calculation. For a free Heatload calculation please contact us at 1-800-323-3130 or Click Here to fill out our request form.
Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. This includes cleaning or replacing air filters, checking refrigerant levels, and inspecting the unit for any obstructions or leaks. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance.
No, a correctly sized cooling unit installed in a properly constructed wine cellar with adequate insulation will not create excess humidity.
It is not possible to use a wine cellar cooling unit in other spaces, it is important to note that these units are designed specifically for wine cellars. They will not be as effective in maintaining optimal conditions in different environments due to factors like insulation, temperature fluctuations, and potential moisture issues.
The lifespan of a wine cellar cooling unit can vary depending on the brand, model, maintenance, and usage. On average, a well-maintained unit can last between 8 to 15 years. Regular servicing and cleaning will help extend its lifespan.

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