Vino Mode Wine Display Rack – 10 Bottle Vertical





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Vino Mode wine display racks complement modern decor and show off the labels of your prized wine collection.

This 10 bottle wine rack comes in two pieces and with two couplers and four end caps for maximum installation flexibility: Join the two pieces together for a single 10 bottle rack or keep the two pieces separate for two 5 bottle racks. Purchase multiple Vino Mode wine racks to join together for taller columns, creating more substantial wine displays or racking a wine cellar.

All Vino Mode wine display racks have a minimalist design and come in a high end matte black finish that will complement most contemporary spaces. Face bottle necks to the left or right, depending on your preference.

Vino Mode wine racks are intended for wall-mounting and can even mount to drywall when appropriate anchors are used.

Height 49″ (can be split into 2 x 24 1/2″ racks)
Width Allow a minimum of 13” (bottles are wider than the rack)
3 1/2″
Bottle Storage Capacity 10 x 750ml wine bottles