VINdustry Cork Forward Wine Pegs (Pair)




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VINdustry Cork Forward Wine Metal Pegs are a revolutionary and modern wine racking system. That provides highly customizable layouts and unique wine storage displays. This minimalist wine rack is a top choice for contemporary wine cellars. It displays due to its sleek design and excellent functionality.

Each set of VINdustry Cork Forward Wine Metal Pegs contains two pegs. Which can support and display a single 750ml wine bottle. The unique cork-forward design allows for optimal label visibility. Hence showcasing your wine collection in the most elegant way possible. The industry pegs can be used with various bottle shapes and sizes. Thus making them an ideal choice for wine enthusiasts with diverse collections.

Features of Metal Pegs

  • One of the most notable features of VINdustry Cork Forward Wine Pegs is their wide range of finishes, which includes five high-end options.
  • Customers can choose from black anodized, satin gold, and bright gold with black rings.  Which all feature rubber rings.
  • Alternatively, they can opt for the new matte black or gold finishes, which have a smoother profile and do not come with rubber rings.
  • The different finishes allow wine lovers to customize their wine racks to fit the aesthetic of their wine cellars or home décor.
  • The VINdustry Cork Forward Wine Pegs are also highly versatile in terms of mounting options. Depending on the material of your wall or panel, you can choose from four different anchor bolt options, including standard bolts, 50mm anchor bolts, 70mm anchor bolts, and masonry anchor bolts. It is essential to select the right hardware for your specific needs to ensure proper stability and safety.

Overall, VINdustry Cork Forward Wine Pegs provide an innovative and modern solution for wine storage and display. The customizable design, cork-forward functionality, and range of finishes make it an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts who want to showcase their collections in a stylish and unique way.

Product Assembly Instructions

Peg Diameter  7/16″
 Width Install pairs of pegs 2 1/2″ apart (centre-to-centre) but allow spacing of at least 3 1/2″ per bottle.
7″ (but allow up to 13″ with bottle in place)
Bottle Storage Capacity 1 x 750ml wine bottle


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Matte Black, Gold


Standard Bolts (for mounting to 3/4" panel you have access to the back of), 50mm Wood Anchor Bolts (see description below), 70mm Wood Anchor Bolts (see description below), Masonry Anchor Bolts (for concrete walls)