Ultra- Floor-to-Ceiling Post


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Height – up to 120″
Width – 13″
Depth – 1/2″

Key Features

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Floor To Ceiling Wine Post is a Support post for Ultra Floor-To-Ceiling wine racking system. The support post will come in two five-foot sections. They connect using a coupler and can be custom-cut to fit any height from 5 feet and above.

The Floor to Ceiling Wine Post is a sophisticated and versatile wine storage solution that adds a touch of luxury to any wine lover’s space. Designed to elegantly display your wine collection from floor to ceiling, this storage system creates a stunning visual centerpiece that is both functional and stylish.

Floor-to-Ceiling wine racks are useful for clients who would like to preserve the material on the wall (oftentimes clients use stone, marble, or onyx as a backsplash).

Pair with our HZ rails or Display Row to create a stunning modern wine rack.




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