Float Glass Shelving Unit


Dimensions –
Without Clamps-
Depth- 8″ 
Shelf Thickness -5/16″ 

With Clamps on The Left and Right Side-
Width- 17 1/4″  
Depth- 8″ 
Shelf Thickness -5/16″

With Clamps on Front and Back Side-
Width- 16″ 
Depth- 9 1/4″ 
Shelf Thickness – 5/16″


Floating Wine Shelf Unit is a modern and captivating storage solution for wine aficionados. Crafted with transparent acrylic panels, this innovative unit creates an illusion of floating wine bottles, infusing an elegant touch into any space.

It seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetic appeal, showcasing your wine collection in a stunning display.

This is an item we’ve produced on a custom basis but due to increased popularity, we’ve decided to make it standard. These sleek and minimalist glass shelves fasten to the same high-tension cable mounting system as our traditional Float wine racking.

Use these shelves to display liquor bottles, stemware, or anything else, really! Combined with standard Float wine racking, they make for an uber-modern floating bar. The Float wine display system just became a lot more versatile!

The clips that hold the shelf and affix to the cables are produced in the same light (satin chrome) or dark (matte black) finish as our Float racking. The glass shelves are produced in a matching light (clear glass) or dark (grey glass) to the Float bottle cradles.

Cables come in 12-foot lengths that can be cut down to fit any ceiling height below 12 feet. Shelving units can be purchased with anywhere from 3 – 7 shelves.

Space-Saving Design:

Floating wine racks are designed to be mounted on walls, making them ideal for small spaces where floor space is limited.


They come in various sizes and configurations, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your space and wine collection.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Floating wine racks often have a modern and sleek design, enhancing the visual appeal of the space. They can be a decorative element on their own.

Material Variety:

Available in a range of materials such as wood, metal, acrylic, or a combination of materials, providing options to match different interior styles.


Some floating wine racks offer customizable configurations, allowing you to create a unique display based on your preferences and the size of your wine bottles.

Easy Installation:

Designed for easy installation, floating wine racks usually come with mounting hardware and instructions, making it convenient for homeowners to set them up.


The floating design allows for easy access to your wine bottles. You can quickly see and reach for the bottle you want without rummaging through a traditional wine rack.


Floating wine racks can accommodate a varying number of wine bottles, catering to both small and extensive wine collections.

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