What do Wine Cellar Cooling Units do?

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A wine cellar cooling unit creates the two conditions required for optimal wine storage and aging of wine:


Studies have revealed that a mere 18°F increase from the standard 55°F baseline effectively doubles the rate of chemical reactions within wine over time. With such accelerated reactions contributing to the aging process, one might ponder the possibility of hastening the development of a decade’s worth of flavor complexity within a matter of years by elevating the temperature. However, shortcuts of this nature remain elusive. Maintaining a stable temperature of 55°F provides the perfect milieu for nurturing the chemical reactions essential for crafting exceptional wine. Simultaneously, this temperature is sufficiently cool to impede the formation of undesirable reactions that can impart unwelcome aromas and flavors to the wine. Even brief exposure to extreme temperatures can catalyze such reactions, jeopardizing the quality of the wine. Thus, wine cellar cooling systems are meticulously engineered to sustain this optimal temperature.


Humidity also plays a pivotal role in wine aging. An environment with humidity levels ranging between 50% and 70% is deemed ideal. Inadequate humidity can desiccate and crack the cork, permitting oxygen-rich air to infiltrate the bottle and induce sourness through oxidation. Conversely, excessive humidity may foster mold growth on the cork, potentially contaminating the wine. Typically, wine cellar cooling units are adept at regulating humidity levels within the desired range. However, standalone humidifiers can be employed as a supplementary measure if necessary.
Wine Cooling Units Air flow
Wine Cooling Units Air flow
The job of the wine cellar cooling unit is to push in cool air and remove warmer air from the wine cellar, while at the same time keeping the air between 50% and 70% humidity. 


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