Ultra- XL Wine Peg (2 Bottles)


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Height – 1″
Width – 1″
Depth – 8 1/4″
Bottle Capacity – 1

Key Features

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Ultra XL Wine Pegs For Wall allows you to truly maximize your storage space by providing you with single pegs that are thick, strong, and durable.

Ultra XL wine pegs for the wall are approximately 1 inch in diameter, turning any wine display into a bold statement. They include recycled rubber O-rings for additional stability.

Want to create a one-of-a-kind wine display? We’re here to help.

Ultra XL Pegs are suitable for both private and commercial collections. Our design team can collaborate with you to arrange these wine bottle pegs on a custom panel of nearly any size. Our team welcomes new jobs and relishes the chance to work with you to create your dream display.

The design team will:

  1. Draw your panels (in collaboration with you) using a CAD program
  2. Cut any type of wood and most other materials for your custom panels using our CNC machine
  3. Install panel hardware
  4. Fully assemble panels before shipping to ensure the highest quality

The only limit is your imagination. Impress your friends and make your enemies jealous. Don’t just store your wine; display it with a custom panel made by Ultra Wine Racks.

What colors do Ultra XL pegs come in?

  • Brushed Aluminum

How many wine rack pegs should I buy?

  • Two (2) Ultra XL Pegs can support one (1) bottle.
  • Three (3) Ultra XL Pegs can support 2 bottles.
  • Four (4) Ultra XL Pegs can support three bottles, etc., etc.
  • Add individual supports as needed to expand your wine display. Remember to start each row with at least two (2) XL Pegs.


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