VINdustry Label View Single Bottle Deep Wine Pegs (Pair)





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New finishes are now available for VINdustry Cork Forward Wine Pegs. Choose from matte black, polished aluminum, or gold, all of which have a smoother profile and do not come with rubber rings. These trendy finishes make the minimalist wine-racking system an excellent choice for modern wine displays and cellars. VINdustry wine racks are highly customizable, allowing for unique layouts and wine storage displays.

This pair of cork-forward wine rack pegs is designed to support and display a single 750ml wine bottle. You can choose from five high-end finishes, including black anodized, satin gold, and bright gold with black rings. All of the standard finishes feature rubber rings, except for the satin gold. The newly updated finishes, including matte black and gold, are now in stock and do not come with rubber rings.

VINdustry wine pegs can be mounted in various ways using the appropriate hardware. You can use standard bolts that mount through the backside of a 3/4″ panel (plywood or high-density MDF core recommended for proper stability). The bolts are installed onto the panel, which is then mounted to the wall. You must have access to the back of the panel to affix the pegs with these bolts.

If you’re anchoring directly into wood or high-density MDF that is a minimum of 3/4″ thick, or if your plywood or MDF substrate material is cladded with up to 10mm of other material, use 50mm anchor bolts. You must drill through the substrate material first if there is a cladding layer (e.g., 10mm acrylic material on top of plywood backing).

For cladding thickness of up to 30mm, choose 70mm anchor bolts. If you’re mounting your pegs into a concrete wall and want to achieve 3/4″ embedment into the concrete, use masonry anchor bolts.

Note that VINdustry pegs are not suitable for mounting to drywall, unless there is plywood directly behind the drywall that wood anchor bolts can mount into. If this is the case, choose

Peg Diameter  3/4″
 Width Allow 13″ for 750ml Bottles & 15″ for 1.5L Bottles (single deep pegs only)
1 Bottle Deep = 3 3/8″
2 Bottles Deep = 7 1/8″
3 Bottles Deep = 10 7/8″
Bottle Storage Capacity 1 Bottle Deep = 1 x 750ml or 1.5L wine bottle
2 Bottles Deep = 2 x 750ml wine bottle
3 Bottles Deep = 3 x 750ml wine bottle