Upright Single Zone Large Wine Cooler With Low-E Glass Door


SIZE: 24″W 27″D 71″H
Be QUIET and COOL: This model KBU425WX comes with an Embraco Inverter Compressor, a Low-E glass door. It is super quiet and reduces energy consumption by 40%.
2 Years Warranty
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Introducing the Best Wine Coolers – Upright Wine Refrigerator – the ultimate storage and temperature control solution for wine enthusiasts of all levels. Best Wine Coolers are made to cater to wine collections of any size, this wine refrigerator is designed to elevate your wine experience.

Optimal Storage and Temperature Control:
Our Best Wine Coolers ensures your wine collection is stored in the perfect condition. With precise temperature control and even air distribution, your wines will age gracefully and retain their true flavors and aromas.

Crystal Clear View Inside:
No more guessing games when it comes to selecting your wine for the evening. The glass door provides an unobstructed view of your wine collection. Peek inside and effortlessly choose the perfect bottle for every occasion.

Complete Your Refrigeration Set:
To enhance your collection further, consider our Beverage Refrigerator model, which perfectly matches to complements the KingsBottle upright wine refrigerator. Together, they create a fully integrated refrigeration solution, ensuring your wines and beverages are stored with care and precision.

Embrace the luxury of preserving and displaying your wine collection with the KingsBottle Upright Wine Refrigerator. Enjoy the convenience of optimal storage, customizable temperature zones, and a striking borderless black glass door, adding elegance to your wine-tasting experience. Elevate your wine journey with KingsBottle today.


For information on the storage capacity, dimensions, cutout, and user manual, please refer to the tab of USER INSTRUCTIONS

General Info:

  • Volume: 15CF (425 Litre)
  • Capacity: 159 bottles of wine
  • Installation: Built-in or freestanding, Front Venting
  • Shelf Configuration: 16 Beech Wooden Shelves
  • Adjustable Temperature Range: 35°F to 68°F ( 2°C to 20°C)
  • At Min/Max Room Temperatures: 32 – 100 °F ( 0 -38°C)
  • Noise Level in Decibels: <42dB

Key Features

Inverter Compressor
Top brand Embraco Inverter Compressor;
Super quiet and reduces energy consumptions by 40%.

Patented sink of compressor
Increases the air circulation space around the compressor; Better cooling performance, less vibration, less noise.

45mm Thickness C-Pantane
Thicker foam helps save energy consumption and optimize cooling performance

Fan Circulated Air-Cooling System
Ensure temperature uniformity in the cabinet;
Compensates for air humidity.

Activated Carbon Filter
Effectively filters impurities in the air while keeping the air in the cabinet fresh

Low-E Glass*
Reduce energy consumption;
Less condensation on the glass door.

LED Display Digital Touchpad Control
Simple and easy to operate;
Clear and accurate.

Magnetic Switch
Aggressive light control
2 minutes door open alarm

Hidden Door Hinge
Laminated steel plate, integrated molding;

Full Built-in Design.

Seamless S/S Door Frame
Artistic appearance;
Thin door design

Beech Wooden Shelf
Wine friendly beech wooden shelves;
Cleverly spaced to fit regular and larger bottles.

* Low E glass has a thin coating on one side of the glass that acts like an invisible insulating barrier for a refrigerator.This reduces the conduction of heat or cold through the glass, helping to reduce energy consumption and reduce condensation on the glass door.
  • Rated Power Input:  110-115V/60HZ
  • Rated Current: 1.7A
  • Power Input: 165W
  • Power Lamp: 0.7W
  • Refrigerant: R600A / 52g
  • Unit Size: This is a set of two units. Each unit in this combo is 23.42”W x 27.36”D x 70.86”H  (Included 0.59″ stand feet)
  • These front-venting fridges can be built into cabinetry. Should it be built into cabinetry, there should be an additional 0.5″ on either side, behind and on top of the unit. These extra spaces enable units to be placed in the position efficiently, accommodate the door when opened, and without the power cords being damaged.


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