Ultra- Showcase Featured Centerpiece Kit


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Width: 36 1/4″ Racks or 39 1/8″ Including Feet (Single Kit)
Height: Minimum 8′ / Maximum 10′
Depth: 14 1/16″ for Double and Triple Deep

Key Features

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The Showcase Series is a wine rack system offering label-out, neck-out, angled, and shelf presentation options. These Metal Wine Rack Kits are meticulously designed to elevate the presentation of your wine collection. Transforming it into a breathtaking display that demands attention.

Crafted with a keen eye for detail. Ultra Showcase Metal Wine Rack Kits feature sleek and modern designs. That harmonizes seamlessly with any space. Whether you have a personal wine cellar, a tasting room, or a high-end restaurant. These display kits will enhance the ambiance and create a sense of luxury.

Presentation Row


   Our HZ Row wine rack stores bottles horizontally allowing moisture to the cork and maximizing your wine label visibility


The Shelf is perfect for creating visually appealing   displays and provides an optimal area for you to store your large format bottles, decanters, and other cellar decors.



Our stylish Display Row showcases your favorite bottles of wine with the label out, and at the optimal angle for wine storage & showcasing your favorite wines.


The Featured Display Kit is designed to hold 90-100 bottles depending on the depth of your row. We call this “double-deep”, and “triple-deep.”



Key Features


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