Custom Built Wine Rack Mahogany Finish | Pre-Assembled


Lead Time is 3-5 weeks.
Select your desired width and height, build your wine racks now.
If you would prefer a system with a larger storage capacity ( over 3ft in height or width), please contact us for a tailored quote.

Professionally store your wine with our high-quality Basement Racks. This wine rack has been expertly crafted with only premium materials. We have designed this wine rack to suit any decor by making different finish options available.

These basement racks allow for another four bottles of wine along the top row. Our stylish wine rack is a proprietary design – you won’t find this anywhere else.

Organize your collection so that you can easily find the exact bottle that you’re after. You’ll be able to turn any room into an instant wine room with this timber wine rack.

You can complement any kitchen, cellar, restaurant, or bar with this stylish and sturdy wine rack. Keep your wine safe and on display while they’re being stored on this wine rack. This wine rack allows aficionados to showcase their collection, while restaurants and bars can easily showcase their offering.


Select your desired width and height, build your wine racks now.
If you would prefer a system with a larger storage capacity ( over 3ft in height or width), please contact us for a tailored quote

Depth: 9.25″ (235mm)
Note that the bottle height listed below does not include the extra row of bottles which can be added along the top.

A full set of Neck Protector Clips are included. These simply attach to the wine rack, preventing the bottle from scratching. This modular wine rack can also be very easily connected to other wine racks with a set of connector clips.

Available colors: Natural Finish, Black Onyx Finish, Mahogany Finish, Rustic (Hard Wood)

Note: The dimensions of each hole are 3.74″x3.74″ (95×95 mm), so it will fit most of the bottles, but unfortunately, it will not fit all bottles in the market. If your bottle is larger or wider, then it will likely not fit.


Assembly Service

Assembly shouldn’t be too difficult and is manageable for most customers. If you’re a confident flat-pack builder, you may want to get the un-assembled version at a lower cost than the pre-assembled one.



Protect the Wine Bottle’s Neck

Our Timber Wine Rack includes a complete set of neck protector clips at no extra charge. On top of providing added protection for your wine bottles, the clips also prevent the bottles from scratching each other.

Extend Your Storage Capacity

You can connect this wine rack to other similar racks with a set of connector clips (horizontal and vertical) and connector pieces (horizontal). These components work together to enable you to seamlessly expand your wine rack to suit your needs and provide added wine storage capacity.

Wine Rack Connector Clips

Ensure Stability

Wall brackets are also available for those who need to connect this wine rack to an adjacent wall. Sold separately, our 9.26″ (235mm) length wall brackets will work with any wine racks sold by KingsBottle.

Wall Bracket

NoteIt is recommended to have 4 brackets per square meter (10 sqft), or 4 brackets per unit (one at each corner).


We offer two versions of this wine rack: pre-assembled and unassembled. Our unassembled wine rack may be difficult for some people to set up at home. However, we engineered this wine rack to have a simple setup process. The main issue that people encounter is the need of a rubber mallet, which may also be purchased from us or other tool retailers.

Assembly service is available and optional, we are happy to provide the the Assembly Service.

Assembly Time

Please allow for 30 minutes to assemble a 50 bottle wine rack and up to 60 minutes for a 110 wine rack.

Assembled wine racks are carefully put together in the United States. You can shop with full confidence that you’re supporting American manufacturing.

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