Wine Guardian CS050 Wine Wall Ceiling System


We are excited to introduce the new Wine Guardian CS050 Wall Wine System. A Wine Wall Ceiling System! Our new version of the Wine Guardian CS050, a ductless split system has a 10.25″ wide and 42″ long profile.

That can be mounted completely flush and blend in seamlessly into most wine room ceilings. The 10.25″ wide thin-set design also makes it ideal for wine walls, small wine rooms, and cabinet applications. Airflow is directed by supply and return slot diffusers along the length of the grille and the assembly is offered in a powder-coated black finish which can easily be painted on-site to match the ceiling décor.

    • Paintable grille to match the decor in your wine cellar
    • Certified to Underwriters Laboratory standards
    • Split condensing unit keeps the cellar quieter
    • Recycles warm stale air near the ceiling.
    • Easy to install in between ceiling studs
    • Specialized fans create ideal airflow
    • Extremely quiet operation
    • Controls temperature
    • Ductless split system has a 10.25″ wide and 42″ long profile
    • Outdoor enclosure included
    • Made in the USA

UPGRADES & ADD-ONS For Wine Guardian CSO50 Ceiling


This cold weather protection package allows the SS018 condensing unit to operate in conditions down to -20°F (-29°C) and is recommended in climates where the temperature normally drops to 20°F (-7°C).


Wine Guardian® humidifiers are uniquely designed to deliver superior performance and reliability, ensuring the proper conditions for your wine collection and cellar. Our humidifiers regulate and control humidity while offering the versatility to be used with any brand of wine cooling system.

Additional Information

Model CS050 (Wine Wall)
Capacity 4050 BTU
BTU Max 3645
BTU min 1000
Volume 250 – 2200 ft³
Volume max 2200
Volume min 250
Length 44.19″ (evaporator)
34″ (condenser)
Width 12.44″ (evaporator)
12.3″ (condenser)
Electrical 115/1/60
208-230/1/60 (condenser)
Where to Buy Distributor
Line Frequency 60 Hz
Height 11.43″ (evaporator)
26″ (condenser)
Weight 43 lbs
75 lbs (condenser)
Ductless/Ducted Ductless


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Standard Options For Wine Guardian CSO50 Ceiling


Protects the system from cold temperatures below 5°C (40°F).


Allows the system to control to an extended temperature range from 42°F to 64°F (5°C to 18°C). This option is ideal for single to multiple cabinet applications and small wine rooms where consumption-temperature cooling is preferred. It also allows the user to rotate wine stock and change set point from season to season, making it ideal for restaurants, wine bars, clubs, etc.

Available Options For Wine Guardian CSO50 Ceiling


For Self-Contained Ducted systems: Contains an integral compressor crankcase heater and controls to protect the the system against low temperatures (required when intel air to the condenser coil is below 40°F/5°C). The bundle also contains an integral high capacity condenser fan and coil for operation at elevated ambient temperatures. This bundle be considered when inlet air to the condenser coil is above 100°F/38°C (condenser air inlet cannot exceed 120°F/49°C).

For Ducted Split systems: Unit protection in extreme climate conditions (on the condenser section only). It is required for continuous operation in climates that fall below 20°F. Enables the system to operate in temperatures as low as -20°F.


The Freestanding Humidifier is installed inside your wine space to provide optimal humidity for perfect long-term wine storage. The Humidifier can be controlled by your existing Wine Guardian controller.


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Wine Guardian


Model: SS025 Capacity: 400-2,000 cubic feet Fan Coil: Length: 14″ Width: 17″ Height: 14″ Electrical 115v/1ph/60hz Weight: 25 lbs. Condensing Unit: Length: 24″ Width: 19″ Height: 18″ Electrical 115v/1ph/60hz Weight: 85 lbs.