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CellarPro Alarm Relay Wiring #7308


Shipping:  Free (Factory Installed)
Must be ordered with a CellarPro Unit

CellarPro White Wine Modification VS Series / Split Systems. If you intend to use your CellarPro VS or Split cooling unit to maintain serving temperatures for white wine, this modification will allow the cooling unit to be set at 45°F (vs 48° without the modification.)

Designed to ensure that the evaporator coils won’t freeze up, this modification includes an additional probe that is embedded in the evaporator coils and a pre-programmed defrost cycle.

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CellarPro Alarm Relay Wiring (SKU #7308). Standard Configuration

  • Programming: The alarm relay will be “closed” under normal conditions, and will be “open” in alarm mode.
  • Wiring length is 10′. Additional length is available for $0.50 per foot.
  • Wiring exits from the rear of the cooling unit.

If you’d like to make any changes to the standard configuration, please indicate your changes in the “Special Instructions” field on the final checkout screen.

Refer to the “Resources” tab below to view and download our Alarm Wiring Relay drawings, shown in the “open” alarm mode.

Size: 8′ 16 Gauge