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Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack
Box of 48 units with installation template

Dimensions: W 33 3/4″  × 7 5/8″ D × 42 1/8″ H

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Created for a sleek and minimalist bottle presentation, the FLY support will surprise you with its aerial effect.


FLY is the perfect bottle holder as a decorative complement or for any conservation or display project. In addition to being easy to install, it is suitable for a wide range of bottles.


Webkit Fly – Averse

Make your most beautiful bottles a bold wall decoration with our Fly webkits! Attractive designs created for you, which mount to a panel of your choice or directly to the wall using the template provided*.

Webkit overall dimensions without bottles :  W 33 3/4″  × 7 5/8″ D × 42 1/8″ H



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