Introducing Metal Wall Wine Racks : Elevating Wine Storage with Style

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Nestled in the picturesque town of Squamish, BC, Liquid Systems stands as a testament to the vision of its founders, Chris Polley and Joel Trigg. Fueled by their backgrounds in expert millwork and interior design, they embarked on a mission to create a premium storage solution for wine and bottled beverages – a journey that eventually gave birth to the innovative LS Mono Series, CLASSIC 4FT SERIES, and CLASSIC 8FT SERIES.


The Inception:


The Liquid Systems journey commenced in 2011, with Chris and Joel working diligently out of Joel’s garage. Frustrated by the absence of a top-tier storage product, they conceptualized the modular aluminum display and storage system that would later become Liquid Systems. Their design philosophy centered around adaptability, configurability, and easy manipulation to suit the unique requirements of each project.


To meet their stringent quality control standards, raw materials were meticulously sourced from Utah. This decision was crucial to uphold the vision of creating a premium, 100% North American-made product that would redefine the wine storage market.


The Evolution:


From humble beginnings, Liquid Systems saw exponential growth. The increasing number of installations in high-end residential projects propelled Chris and Joel to invest in a sprawling 12,000 sq foot design and milling shop. Recognition at North American trade shows further fueled demand, attracting wine cellar businesses, architectural hardware dealers, and gaining widespread acclaim within the design community.


Today, Liquid Systems specializes in made-to-order solutions for custom-configured wine racking systems, catering to both local and international projects. The company has become synonymous with innovative, adaptable, and visually stunning wine storage solutions.


Explore the LS Mono Series:


Liquid Systems proudly presents the LS Mono Series, a minimalist wall wine rack system crafted from single aluminum, wall-mounted plates. This compact and versatile design allows you to purchase one or multiple units, creating a unique wall-mounted display tailored to your preferences.


Configure the plates in any arrangement on a wall with suitable backing, and choose from single, double, or triple bottle deep fins for a label-forward bottle display. The LS Mono Series is not just a storage solution; it’s an expression of modern aesthetics that seamlessly integrates with your living space.


Discover the CLASSIC 4FT SERIES:


Our CLASSIC 4FT SERIES stands as a striking wall-mounted post, capturing the essence of simplicity and functionality. This product has become a favorite among our customers, offering custom lengths and fin options to suit any size or type of project.


Available in made-to-order lengths and configurations, the CLASSIC 4FT SERIES lets you choose between single, double, or triple bottle deep fins for an elegant label-forward bottle display. With secure silicon inserts on the fins to prevent bottle slippage, this series ensures a seamless and pleasant display experience.


Unveiling the CLASSIC 8FT SERIES:


For those seeking the epitome of wine storage elegance, Liquid Systems presents the CLASSIC 8FT SERIES. These highly coveted wall-mounted posts are designed to adapt seamlessly to any application, offering bespoke lengths and configurations.


Tailor the length and fin options to perfection for your unique project or display, regardless of size or type. Elevate your wine storage experience with the CLASSIC 8FT SERIES, featuring secure silicon inserts on the fins for a slip-free and refined display.


In conclusion, Liquid Systems invites you to reimagine wine storage as an art form. With the LS Mono Series, CLASSIC 4FT SERIES, and CLASSIC 8FT SERIES, transform your space into a celebration of style and functionality. Choose Liquid Systems – where innovation meets elegance, and your wine storage becomes a work of art. Cheers to storing it with a touch of celebration!

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