Metal Wine Display Kit allows you to display your favorite bottles of wine with our stylish and high–quality HZ Row and Display Row wine racks! Our HZ Row wine rack stores bottles horizontally. Thus allowing moisture to the cork and maximizing your wine label visibility. Our Display Row offers label–out, neck–out, angled, and shelf presentation options. As well as two depth options: double deep, or triple deep. With a modern industrial matte black finish and telescoping posts designed for ceilings up to 10 ft., These metal wine display kits are perfect for easy assembly and sturdy construction.

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Ultra Wine Showcase Cabinets are specially designed cabinets that provide an elegant and secure display of wine bottles. These wine cabinets are designed with cutting-edge technology. That enables them to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels required for wine storage. They wine dipslay kits come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. To suit different storage needs and interior décor preferences.