Wine Guardian Ducted System Accessories

These Wine Guardian Split accessories for your wine cellar deliver superior system performance and can be retrofitted to most existing through-the-wall cooling system models. Wine Guardian Ducted System Accessories with a sleek design perfect for use in smaller wine cellars. Provides exceptional airflow, manages humidity, and maintains an optimal temperature. They are installed ducted with the front of the unit in the cellar and the back of the unit in a well-ventilated space. Options are available to duct to a larger space if necessary. Suitable for commercial and residential wine cellars.

Key Features:

  • Commercial-grade, corrosion-resistant components and an all-aluminum frame for long-term durability.
  • The only Ducted* system accessories that control temperature and display both temperature and humidity.
  • Engineered for ideal airflow, including adjustable louvers for optimal cellar air circulation.
  • The quietest Ducted* system accessories on the market.
  • Can be mounted flush with the wall or racking.
  • EasyMount™ one-piece wall bracket and support frame included.
  • The only Ducted* system accessories certified to Underwriters Laboratory standards.

Integrated Humidifier —

All Split Systems


Sentinel Series

Duct Collar



Supply Duct Collar

(Outlet) D050 and D088

DP50 and DP88


Supply Duct Collar

(Outlet) D200 and DP200

(2 Ton)

Combo Duct Kit — All

Ducted and Split



Remote Sensor —

All Wine Guardian

Cooling Units


Legacy Remote Sensor

All Wine Guardian

Cooling Units


Grille — Return (Inlet)

for all Ducted and Split



Grille — Supply (Outlet)

D025, D050, D088

DP25, DP50, DP88


Grille — Supply (Outlet)

D200 and DP200 (2Ton)


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