VINdustry Wine Pegs – FINISH SAMPLE





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This is a single, sample VINdustry wine peg, intended for customers to evaluate the finish before placing a larger order.

Please note that one peg will be provided, the depth may vary but is usually single bottle deep. The sample will not include mounting hardware unless specifically requested. You may request hardware (any or all of: standard mounting bolts requiring access to the back of a 3/4″ panel, 40mm, 50mm or 70mm wood anchor bolts or masonry mounting bolts). To request hardware with your sample, please do so via the “order note” box in the shopping cart.

VINdustry wine peg samples are provided free of charge but you will be charged the applicable shipping cost.

Customers are limited to one sample peg in up to 3 finishes. Orders for more than one sample per customer or shipping address will not be fulfilled.

Peg Diameter  3/4″
 Width Allow 13″ for 750ml Bottles & 15″ for 1.5L Bottles (single deep pegs only)
1 Bottle Deep = 3 3/8″
2 Bottles Deep = 7 1/8″
3 Bottles Deep = 10 7/8″
Bottle Storage Capacity 1 Bottle Deep = 1 x 750ml or 1.5L wine bottle
2 Bottles Deep = 2 x 750ml wine bottle
3 Bottles Deep = 3 x 750ml wine bottle