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The STACT Pro wine racks are an exceptional product that sets a new standard for versatility, performance, and accessibility. Made entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum that is precision-machined. These wine racks have a groundbreaking design that is not only 100% recyclable but also incredibly durable. The racks are built to last a lifetime and beyond. And are made to give them an elegant and wear-resistant finish. Additionally, they are impervious to rust and corrosion. Making them an ideal solution for wine cellars and displays of all sizes and applications.

The L-type STACT panels with OptiView™ technology provide optimal label visibility. Hence enabling you to recognize all bottles at a glance. Thus making hidden labels a thing of the past. Unlike conventional ‘label forward’ wine racks. Which only allows you to view the front bottle labels. These panels are designed to provide maximum label visibility.

By combining five types of STACT Pro panels. You can create a unique design that allows you to store and showcase other items besides wine. Such as stemware, carafes, and your most prized personal artifacts. Overall, STACT Pro wine racks are an exceptional choice that offers unmatched versatility and performance.

STACT Pro L-type is comprised of three components:

Panel: Each panel is crafted to exacting specifications and pre-installed with anchors for a secure mount to the tailored wall brackets.

Aluminum Bottle Supports. Engineered for maximum wine bottle storage capacity. Precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized for a clean elegant finish. Each L-type panel comfortably holds 4 standard wine bottles or 2 magnum bottles.

Wall Brackets. The backbone of the STACT wine rack system is designed to securely connect to each other and attach directly to the wall. Panels are hung from the wall brackets – using no tools. Simply slip them into position. Measuring and installing the brackets is easy, offering maximum stability with minimal labor.

The clarity of the design can be seen in the details, with every aspect further streamlined, minimizing material while maximizing overall performance. The newly designed wall brackets are 10mm thinner and discreetly integrated. While the bottle supports and attachments are now just 6mm thin. Thanks to these details, the overall profile of the new STACT Pro design appears more svelte, more refine, and more technical.


Installation. Making STACT the home for your wine collection is simple; it’s a cinch to assemble and easy to mount to any drywall surface with the included hardware right out of the box in just a few simple steps:  <Download STACT Pro L-type installation manual>

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