Float Wine Racking – Glass Shelf & Clips
Float Wine Racking – Set of 4 High-Tension Cables
Float Wine Racking – Replacement Glass Shelf (no clips)

How does the Float wine display system work?

This racking is customizable to fit your design needs. Each column consists of four high-tension cables and glass bottle holders. Space bottles farther apart for a beautiful minimalist wine storage solution.

Float Light with Clear Glass

Float Light with Grey Glass

Choose from Two Hardware Finishes

Tension sets are available in satin chrome or matte black finish.

Satin Chrome (shown with clear glass)

Matte Black (shown with light grey glass)

Face Bottles Neck or Label Forward

 Label Forward

 Neck Forward

Dimensions of the Float Wine Display System

Height: Standard cables can extend up to 10 feet high. Longer cables can be special ordered for taller ceilings.

Width: Label out displays should be spaced so that each column occupies a minimum of 13″.

Neck out displays require a minimum column width of 7″.

Vertical Bottle Spacing: A minimum of 4″ will accommodate most standard 750ml bottles.

Bottle Sizes: The Float wine display system’s glass plates will fit most 750ml, Champagne, and 1.5-liter magnum bottles.

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Structural Requirements

Preconstruction requirements in the floor and ceiling are critical to follow for proper installation of the Float wine display system.

A minimum 3/4″ plywood backing or similar structural framing is required. Please contact us for more information

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